Thursday, 1 January 2015

Mumbai Hanging Gardens - Peacock Feather Seller Kid

If you have been to Hanging Gardens in Mumbai, located on Malabar Hill or have already been there before, you might have seen some men and children selling Peacock feathers and fan's made out of peacock feathers, a very few people know that, one of the kid named Ravi who was selling feathers for the past 22 years is now getting married, he is 25 now.

Congratulations Ravi....Grand Mumbai Tours Salutes to your hard work and never give up attitude.

Here are some videos of Ravi, since his childhood. Shot by many different tourists, the credit to videos go to their respective owners.

Video 1
This was the first video of him, which surfaced on internet some 10 years ago. Am sure it was shot many many years ago. It was shot by one of the tourists visiting Mumbai for a Mumbai Tour.

Video 2 One more time, Ravi interviewed by one of the travelers visiting Mumbai.

Video 3 Recent video of Ravi in 2009

Video 4 Ravi speaking at TEDX talks

Shows us what a person can achieve if he has the determination and dedication towards not giving up in life and working hard in order to fight the worst situations of life and come up on the top.

Today Ravi is 25 years old and is getting married in the month of March 2015. If you happen to be at Hanging Gardens, do not forget to meet this amazing man.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Cruise Excursion Mumbai - Grand Mumbai Shore Excursions

We had organized a Cruise excursion in Mumbai for Cruise Ships Azmara and Cruise Ship Nautica Ocean Princess. On these Shore excursions we had an amazing time, here are some of the photos we took during our excursions.

Enjoy the photos...Am so grateful to my guests who are like my world and my family. Love you everyone who has given me a chance to show you my awesome city.

Here are a few memories from the Mumbai Tour...I hope you like them

Grand Mumbai Tours and Pranav, thank you guys from the bottom of their hearts and miss you a lot.

Beautifully dressed Indian girls are fascinated by westerners and they take photos of our guests.

And our guests from Cruise excursions also take photos with them. So cute. Taj Mahal Palace Hotel Is in the background.

Mr. Horger trying some Cricket....

Kathy and her husband outside University.

The Nautica Cruise Ship Group talks about Cricket at the Oval Cricket Ground

At the Victoria Terminus Train Station, where the movie Slum Dog Millionaire was shot and Jai Ho song was performed.

Oh Yeah!! Lunch Time..Vegeterian Thali Lunch... 

Mouth Watering Isn't It?

The next day we had one more couple join us for the Cruise Ship Excursion Tour Of Mumbai. We started with the Flower Market :)

Say Cheese!!!!!

Khotachiwaadi - Old Portuguese Neighbourhood Homes

Geraldine and her husband checking out some street clothing....

And then we also hopped onto a local train in Mumbai which made our special guests feel like locals..

On first day the guests did a Grand Mumbai Special Day Tour and on the second day an Off Beat and Hidden Mumbai Tour

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Where To Buy Sim Cards In Mumbai For Tourists

Sim Cards in Mumbai for Tourists and Foreigners

Hello visitors and travellers to Mumbai...How are you guys?

Today I have decided to create this post for anyone visiting Mumbai or India for more then a month or for around 15 days and is looking to buy a sim card in Mumbai.

Being in India can give you an advantage if you have a local number. You can get a 3G Data plan and also make calls in India and Mumbai for a very cheap rate.

Most of the tourists and travellers buy a sim card from a local agent or their driver or their hotel concierge. This is a good idea, but in this situation it takes 4 to 5 days for your sim card to get activated and if your details and documents can have a risk of getting leaked to third parties.

The best way to get a sim card in Mumbai or anywhere in India is by visiting the nearest Telecom service provider's Gallery. I have been using Vodafone number for many years now and have been very satisfied with their network and services. I have purchased my sim cards from Vodafone Gallery near Churchgate Railway Station. Thats their main gallery in Mumbai, like a head office for their galleries around Mumbai. You can even go for Airtel or any other telecom service provider in Mumbai, but i chose Vodafone.

Where to buy a sim card in Mumbai

Vodafone Galleries are located all over Mumbai, but the one which would be very useful to tourists would be the one near Churchgate Railway Station. This is in the Fort Area and near Ovaal Cricket Ground and Eros Movie Theatre and is easily accessible if you are staying at a hotel in South Mumbai.

Address : Indian Merchants Chamber, Near Churchgate Station, Veer Nariman Rd, Churchgate, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400020

Requirements to buy a sim card in Mumbai for Tourists

The government of India has strict rules while allowing telecom companies to provide sim cards. You will need the following.

2 passport sized coloured photographs of yours

A photocopy of the page on your passport which shows all your personal information, date of birth, passport issue details, passport number, country and address. You will also need the original passport along with the photocopy for verification, the original documents will be immediately returned to you.

A photocopy of your Indian Visa. You will also have to show the original copy of your Visa for verification.

Proof of Address of your home country. You will need to provide a copy of your ID or Drivers license. (I think the passport already has your address)

Proof of your residence in India. Your hotel confirmation letter will be more then enough. 

After your documents are submitted. They will give you a Sim Card, carry your handset to make sure you get the right sim card. Micro sim or Normal sim or Nano Sim. 

After they insert the sim card and you have made the payment, it would take around 4 hours for your sim card to get activated. Once it gets activated, you will get a text message on an alternate number you might have provided. 

After Four hours when you get the network signs on your phone you have to dial a number 144 or 111 which they have mentioned to you, and you have to verify your address proof details and name to the tele operator. Once this is done, your sim card is activated.

What plan to choose

They have many plans available. I have a data plan which costs Rs 250 for a month and it has 1 GB data and has 3G connection.

You can also recharge your phone with Rs 250 or Rs 550 to get Talk Time. 

You can also recharge your Vodafone number by their online recharge system.


If you have an apple handy, make sure it is unlocked. All Apple Iphone 6 handy's are unlocked and you don't need to worry. But if you are from USA or UK and have a plan with Verizon or some other company and a contract, the sim card would not work in your handy. 

Buy a small handy or a small mobile phone for India which would cost around Rs 1200/- 
You can get cheap mobile phones at Vijay Sales 

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

About Bangles - Indian Traditions & Culture

Just got back from a Single Woman Tour for Silke from Germany and we happened to be in Null Bazaar, where Silke got some 8 beautiful Bangles for Rs 120 only. This prompted me to do some research about why Indian women wear Bangles and whats the traditional significance behind them. Here is a video we made in while she bought Bangles.

In India, women from toddlers age to older age, all can wear bangles. These are beautiful traditional ornaments worn by women in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Traditional Significance 

According to Hindu Traditions, it is considered to be inauspicious for a married woman to be bare armed. Its not considered good and a married woman always wears bangles. You will also find some men having bangle like structure in their arm at times, they are called as Kaara or Kada. In Sikhism, the father of the girl gives a Golden Kaara or Kada to his to be son in law. Similarly a Punjabi woman will wear Red and White bangles during her marriage which is called Chooda which also haev some beautiful stone work.

Now a days, Bangles are a very common ornament in India, depending upon the budget, women wear, Diamond, Gold, Platinum, Plastic, Wooden, And sometimes Imitation Bangles which are a part of Imitation Jewelery.

Bangles and Honeymoon

According to the Indian tradition, a newly wed wife, will have the honeymoon with her husband on her first wedding night. Newly wed wife will wear a lot of glass bangles...And listen to this...!! Yes...The honeymoon does not end until all last of her bangles is broken!! Wow..!! Did you know that? Even I never knew this before. I would have known on my wedding night, when my bride would have told me that i should break all the bangles during the first night of Honeymoon.

Incidentally a husband is served with a glass of milk, masala milk or dry fruit milk. This gives strength and vigor. My friend who just got married told this to me the very next day after his honeymoon night. This is why i realized why in Bollywood movies they show a newly wed wife bringing a glass of milk for the husband. In India Honeymoon night is called as Suhaag Raat. Suhaag means husband. That's the first night, a husband and wife elope and make love together in India.

Men Wearing Bangles - Act Of Cowardice

During the ancient times, when soldiers would run away from battle field, they would be made to wear woman's bangles which is a sign of cowardly act. Men were made to wear woman's bangles for their cowardice and to shame them. Women were considered as a weaker sex in Indian culture. But today, women are one step ahead of men in every field and there are equal opportunities for women and men in India.

Also when a husband would die, the woman would break their bangles by banging their arms on the floor while crying to display their grief. This explains why in Bollywood movies you see an actress crying while banging her arms on a floor or on the wall and breaking off all her bangles.

Suhaag Raat - Honeymoon 

I found a video depicted in South Indian Movie about Suhaag Raat, but cannot post it here because even if that movie is PG 13, my blog might be read by some kids. But here is a Suhaag Raat scene from a TV Serial. Which is more decent and subtle.

I hope you enjoyed today's post. Have not been online since a long time.

See you soon.

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Monday, 29 September 2014

Dabbawallas Of Mumbai

There are 5,000 to 6,000 Dabbawallas or Lunch Box Delivery men/boys delivering Lunch to over 2,00,000 to 4,00,000 people working in Mumbai.

Most of the Dabba's are delivered to offices in Fort and Churchgate area. Be it rain or be it storm, a Dabbawalla will deliver your lunch on time no matter what. The Lunch is actually cooked by wives or mothers of people to whom the dabba is to be delivered.

The Dabbawalla is the Jason Statham or the Transporter. These are very hard working and honest individuals and They have been delivering Dabba's since 1890. Prince Charles and Sir Richard Branson are their biggest fans. Dabbawall's have a Six Sigma Rating where there is no error in 6 million transactions.

No one in the world has this rating and Dabbawallas made India and Mumbai proud, when Havard Business School studied their system and many Management Institutes and companies motivate their staff with the same model as Dabbawalla Model.

In order to see the Dabbawalla's visit Churchgate Railway Station at 11:30 am from Monday To Friday.

Grand Mumbai Tours and Mumbai Day Tours

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Rare Vintage Mumbai Videos 1920, 1958

Good Morning,

A big hello and welcome from Grand Mumbai Tours
I came across these two amazing videos i found on YouTube..
Very interesting two videos or ancient Mumbai, during the British Rule with awesome commentary of an English Gentleman.
The first video is from 1920 old Mumbai Heritage archives
And the second one is from 1958

I am proud to be born as a Mumbai citizen and I love This Amazing City.

Mumbai in 1920 - Amazing Video (Fitzpatrick Pictures)
Produced and Narrated by James A. Fitzpatrick

Rare Mumbai Video in 1958, after Indian Independence in 1947 (Filmed by Roberto Rossellini)

You just saw the old Mumbai videos, the city has had an amazing transformation.
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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Adam's Bridge - Ram Sethu - Scientific Proof

There is a sea bridge which joins India and Sri Lanka....

Is it a naturally occurring bridge?

Is it a man made bridge?

Indians believe that this bridge was built by Rama an incarnation of Vishnu, 5000 years ago....

Here is a video i came across on youtube which tries to give a scientific proof and explanation.

Amazing video

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